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Here’s OUR Why! What’s YOUR Why?

I want to tell you a little bit today about why we started Oh. My. Word.

This is not just a business for us, Shannon and I each needed a new project like we needed a hole in our heads. We are doing this because we are certain that this course can single-handedly change our culture in the way that we talk about sex.

But more importantly, we know it is going to empower you to be able to talk to your kids in a relaxed and comfortable way that you never before thought possible.

I was afraid to have hard conversations. I was afraid that if my kids were knowledgeable about sex that they would go out and have sex the moment their hormones kicked in. If I didn’t tell them, if I did the easy thing and avoided the awkwardness, if I just didn’t talk about it, maybe they would magically figure everything out on their own.

It was easier to think this way than to face the overwhelm that comes with tackling the hard stuff. But remembering the following experience completely changed my perspective.

I got a story for ya…

One time when we were in high school, Shannon’s friend pulled up to our house totally wasted (Shannon was the “difficult” teenager, I was the challenging kid – our mom never got a break). Our mom calmly told him to call someone to come get him or else she would have our dad take him home.

In true teenage fashion, he ignored her.

But the unexpected part was seeing my mom sprint at cheetah-speed down the 30-foot sidewalk, LAUNCH herself in through the driver’s side window, and rip the keys out of his ignition without making a sound.

We all stood there, drop-jawed, and I knew at that moment that I would never again doubt the ferocity of that quiet southern woman again. Of course, my perspective has changed from the embarrassment that I felt as a teenager to my current perspective as a mom.

More recently I asked her why the other parents didn’t know what their kids were up to, why they didn’t see it. Were they truly ignorant? Did they think their kids were perfect and above making mistakes? Were they too busy?

She looked at me and said, “No. They didn’t want to see it.”

I decided in that moment, NOT to be the parent who looks the other way, who avoids the hard stuff. I want more than that for my kids.

I am not going to be the parent who puts on blinders, the parent who looks the other way, the parent who takes the easier path. I vow to never say:

They will figure it out.

They’re going to do it anyway.

My kid will never do that.

I’ll talk to them when they’re older.

My kid is too smart to do any of that.

It’ll be fine.

I’m not sure what your situation today is. But I want to ask you ONE question:

WHY do you want to be able to have hard conversations with your kids? After all, it’s HARD!

Think about it for a second.

Most likely, there are real reasons, important reasons.

There is a level of closeness and openness you want with your kids, you want to protect and guard them, you want to spend time with them, have REAL and meaningful conversations with them – and Oh. My. Word. is a means to that end.

What’s your why?

So I want to know (comment below): Specifically, what are some of YOUR reasons for wanting to be “that person” for your kids?

What is the story or experience that sticks in your mind that is motivating you to break through the awkwardness and is driving you to be able to have these conversations with your kids?

We can’t wait to hear more about you!

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