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Oh. My. Word.™ is empowering parents to have comprehensive, comfortable, and casual conversations with their child using our three key principles of readiness, facts and honesty, so that you can become the go-to expert for your child!

Parents Make When It Comes To “The Talk”... And How To Avoid Them!

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Notoriously Tough
Conversations Made Simple



Learn to assess your child's readiness for each topic based on more than just age.


Acquire the facts you need to provide your children with evidence-based answers.


Refine YOUR values, so you can clearly communicate them to your children, while leaving shame and judgment in the past. Give your kids honest answers (say goodbye to the stork!).


Not. The. Talk.

An online companion course supporting you in having comprehensive, comfortable, and casual conversations with your children about sex. This program includes all the resources you need in one place.

Not. The. Talk. is perfect for any parent or caregiver who understands the importance of equipping their kids when it comes to having “the talk” but doesn’t quite know where to start or just doesn’t have the words.

*This program is for parents with kids 10 and under.

Here's what we cover inside our
Not. The. Talk. Course

Family comes first and that is why we want you, as a parent, to be the first person your child comes to for a question about difficult topics, such as sex. We want to empower parents to build a strong relationship with their kids, in which no question is too big to tackle together.
Although we address some serious content, our discussions can still be pretty funny. Our real life examples make for some hilarious commentary. Besides, we want to draw you in, not bore you out.
We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Your kids deserve better answers to hard questions. Together, we did the extensive (boring for most people) research. We read the 200 books you don’t have time or interest in reading to save you time and money when preparing for this important conversation.
As parents, we want our kids to be happy, healthy, and safe. Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. So, we want to be your starting point for health with your kids.
Our course comes from a place of sympathy for parents everywhere. We know this seems hard. That's why we are going there, together. We hold compassion for people with different values and life experiences, because we know that these conversations are packed with so many emotions. At Oh. My. Word., we will never tell a family what values to have. We just ask families to be mindful of their values.
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Kristin and Shannon are sisters and their humor and expertise come together beautifully to provide you a fun, informed course.

About Us Kristin Oh. My. Word.

Kristin was a parent educator at Texas Children’s Hospital for almost a decade. She has the content expertise and the teaching experience to bring you what you need to know, with a touch of humor! As a mother of four, Kristin also knows exactly where you are coming from.


She has talked to many parents about their fears, concerns, and dreams related to talking to their kids about sex. She has heard every discomfort and fear in the book. Through humor and evidenced-based information, Kristin has eased many parents concerns. She can help ease yours as well.

Shannon About Us Oh. My. Word.

Dr. Shannon Deer is an award winning professor and assistant dean at Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on sex education, sex trafficking, and recovery from sexual exploitation. Her study on the impact on adults of experiencing abstinence-only education in church as adolescence motivated her to start Oh. My. Word. Shannon's research has been published in leading international journals.


She also has a book in the publication process providing strategies for supporting women who experienced sex trafficking situations. Shannon has won many different teaching awards for her innovative teaching of adults. Through her research experience, Shannon brings an evidence-based approach to the course.

You don't have to go it alone and neither do your children.

Our goal is for you to have the words
when you need them.

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