Your Kids Deserve Better Answers to Hard Questions

Oh. My. Word.™ is EMPOWERING parents to have difficult conversations that EQUIP their children for their journey ahead.

Oh, We're Going There.


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We are here to help prepare you for the difficult, but important conversations you may not feel confident having with your children.

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Let's Tackle the Tough Topics
It used to be that parents left some of the hardest topics to schools or Scout leaders or heck, the kid next door.  But today, parents know that the hardest issues to tackle are the most important.

Approached correctly, and with the right equipment, our kids can navigate the steep terrain of young adulthood without falling off a ledge or being mauled by the wildlife.  Our goal is to equip you with that latest research and innovative approaches to address the hardest subjects in whichever way makes sense to your family culture, faith, and community. We love helping your family go where it needs to go.

Notoriously Tough Conversations Made Simple

Here’s how it works


Learn to assess your child's readiness for each topic based on more than just age.


Acquire the facts you need to provide your children with evidence-based answers. 


Refine YOUR values, so you can clearly communicate them to your children, while leaving shame and judgment in the past. Give your kids honest answers (say goodbye to the stork!).

An online program that walks you through all three key principles for confident, comfortable conversations with your children.

Course 1:

Not. The. Talk.

In our first course, Not. The. Talk., we guide you on having comprehensive conversations with your children about sex and sexuality. This program is for parents with kids 10 and under.

You are your child’s hero. Be their go to person on sex, especially if you want to increase the likelihood of their values aligning with yours.

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Let's Start With Step One
We have a freebie to get you started!

A study showed when kids learn about sex from their friends, rather than their parents, the kids develop more permissive sexual attitudes.

-DiIorio, Kelley, & Hockenberry-Eaton (1999)

A study showed when children become young adults, they wish their parents had talked to them more often and in more depth about sex and relationships.

-Pariera and Brody (2018)

Some studies showed individuals had better outcomes related to sex if their “parents were open, skilled and comfortable in having those discussions.”

-Whitaker, Miller, May, & Levin (1999, p. 117)

….Our course gives you that comfort level.

15 page pdf

With this Free Cheat Sheet in hand, you will:

• Start rewriting history, be the first to talk.
• Identify the reasons talking to your child about sex is important.
• Determine the best ages to start the conversation.
• Consider what your child is really asking.
• Find out what the research says.
Let’s Get to Know Each Other
Kristin and Shannon are sisters and their humor and expertise come together beautifully to provide you a fun, informed course.
Together, they did the extensive (boring for most people) research. They read the 200 books you don’t have time or interest in reading to save you time and money when preparing for this important conversation.
You don’t have to go it alone and neither do your children.


Family comes first and that is why we want you, as a parent, to be the first person your child comes to for a question about difficult topics, such as sex. We want to empower parents to build a strong relationship with their kids, in which no question is too big to tackle together.


Although we address some serious content, our discussions can still be pretty funny. Our real life examples make for some hilarious commentary. Besides, we want to draw you in, not bore you out.


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Your kids deserve better answers to hard questions. Together, we did the extensive (boring for most people) research. We read the 200 books you don’t have time or interest in reading to save you time and money when preparing for this important conversation.


As parents, we want our kids to be happy, healthy, and safe. Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. So, we want to be your starting point for health with your kids.


Our course comes from a place of sympathy for parents everywhere. We know this seems hard. That's why we are going there, together. We hold compassion for people with different values and life experiences, because we know that these conversations are packed with so many emotions. At Oh. My. Word., we will never tell a family what values to have. We just ask families to be mindful of their values.

Oh. My. Word.™ Presents

Not. The. Talk.

An online program supporting you in having comprehensive, comfortable, and casual conversations with your children about sex. The program includes all the resources you need in one place.


7 Modules

3 Key Principles

7 role play videos and parent scripts

A million funny stories

A ton of facts

YOUR values

Course Modules

What is this?

Body Parts

What is that?
Where do babies come from?
Pregnancy and Childbirth
How are babies made?
Is this okay?
Normal Sexuality Behaviors for Children
Is that okay?
Why do people do that?

We help you identify your values and where decisions need to be made, but we are not telling you what values you should have.

I'm In!

Our goal is for you to have the words when you need them.

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